Migrate sFIDL to gFIDL
This guideline is only for sFIDL holders who hold sFIDL by staking FIDL before gFIDL is released. If you do not have sFIDL, this document is irrelevant for you.

Things you should know about the sFIDL to gFIDL Migration

  • gFIDL, Trapeza's governance token, replaces the previously used sFIDL.
  • gFIDL accrues a staking reward of exactly the same value as sFIDL, which means you will receive the same reward REGARDLESS of when you migrate sFIDL to gFIDL.
  • However, if you hold sFIDL, you cannot participate in governance voting, and you cannot utilize gFIDL-related features that will be introduced inside and outside the service in the future, so it is highly recommended to migrate your sFIDL to gFIDL as soon as possible.
  • The "ONLY ONE THING YOU SHOULDN’T DO” is to UNSTAKE your sFIDL to FIDL instead of migrating to gFIDL. If you unstake sFIDL, you will lose the staking rewards that occurred after the release of gFIDL.
    • To prevent such a mistake, the sFIDL unstake function in the Trapeza app has been disabled, but you need to pay attention as the smart contract can be directly executed using an external tool.

How to Migrate sFIDL to gFIDL

1. Go to the Govern (3,3) page or the Dashboard page of Trapeza App. You will see a notification on top if your “WALLET IS CONNECTED” properly, and you “HAVE sFIDL BALANCE”.
2. Click “Go To Migrate” and you will see the following UI. Click “Approve sFIDL” and sign the transaction in your wallet.
Approve to migrate
3. Once sFIDL is approved, click “Migrate” and sign the transaction.
Ready to migrate
4. When the transaction is confirmed, everything is complete!
Migration complete